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Once you start travelling in Africa, you realize that there are so much to see in a continent that is laced with cultural history and natural diversity.

That is why we are visiting Central Africa for two weeks.

Our journey north will lead us through Zambia past Lake Tanganyika and Tanzania.

We are on an expedition to see the chimps and Mountain Gorillas, visit lake Victoria, Albert and Edward. Drive through Rwanda, the cleanest country in Africa. Visit the Genocide museum in Kigali.

We will be visiting the very mountainous, volcanic region in Africa. The edge of the great African tropical forest and the East African rift valley.  

We will taste the incredible fresh water Nile Perch.

See the countless birds at the origin of the Victoria Nile river at Jinja.

To add to this we will be returning to South Africa via Kenya and Tanzania, and there would then be no better idea that to drop in on the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti. But just a drop in for a day. They should be in the Ngorogoro area.

We do the tour over December and January as it is good seasons for Gorilla viewing and people have leave available for a long trip.

Join me for this incredible experience through the hart of Africa.

The Itinerary

Day 1 to 5

This is where our journey start. We meet at Kasane for our first night. I will be driving up from Johannesburg and should arrive in the late afternoon.  Kasane has a restaurant if you don’t feel like cooking for the evening.

With everybody together we start our journey and travel North. We cross into Zambia and head towards Livingston. After lunch we head off in a northerly direction towards Lusaka and sleep about 150 km before Lusaka.

We continue our journey North and head for Lusaka.   In Lusaka we stop for groceries and we fill the vehicles with fuel and if time allows, we will have a bite to eat in one of the coffee shops. Turning onto the Tanzam highway,we stop over at a hot springs campsite to take a rest. We continue north, cross in to Tanzania and arrive at Lake Taganyika.

Day 7

It is also a good opportunity to take a break at this point. We relax at the shore of the lake and lay on the beach of this glorious area and just chill.

Day 8.

We depart from camp and follow Lake Tanganyika, a bit of a rubbish road but we will get there. We sleep close to the Burundi border.

Day 9.

Another long day and we make our way inland and head around Burundi. No need to take chances here. We drive around and cross in to Rwanda.

Day 10.

We take a well earned rest and visit the human rights abuses museum, AKA the Kigali genocide museum or if that is not your cup of tea just a chilled day.

Day 11,12,13

We cross in to Uganda to start our Primates section of the tour. We head for the Bindi Impenetrable forest reserve. Here we will be stationed for three nights and do our gorilla trekking.

Day 14,15,16

We head north to lake Edward and the Queen Elizabeth National park. Our camp only S 0 deg 12 min of the equator. Here we spend two nights to relax, enjoy the forest and mountainous area and do a bit of Chimp trekking.

Day 17,18.

We cross the equator and head east to Jinja we meet up with the Nile river.  Many lovely rapids and water features around here. Also bird life to die for. We spend two or three nights here depending on the preceding days.

Day 20,21

We start our journey south and head in to Kenya for just a day before crossing back in to Tanzania 

Day 22

We should be just outside of the Ngorogoro crater and we visit the park where I expect to see the wildebeest of the Serengeti Migration. We are also at the crater if any body was interested to visit for the day.

Day 23,24,25

We continue our journey down through the beautiful central Tanzania. We turn off the Tanzam highway and head for Malawi. We cross in to Malawi in the late afternoon and head to our campsite.

 Day 26.  

A few long days means we deserve an off day. We take our off day and lazy around under the large shade trees, enjoy a cool drink at the bar or just sleep in a little bit.

 Day 27.

We follow the lake further south and sleep right at the bottom edge. At this point we are on our way home and start purposefully getting a move on.

Day 28,29,30

We continue south towards Mozambique and make as much ground as possible. We sleep in Zimbabwe or Mozambique depending on politics. Our last stretch is to reach Musina and we are back in the RSA.

Tour specific comments


A normal 4×4 or 2×4 will work for this tour. No special kit required.


No experience required, I personally guide the tour and will give you everything you need as we go.


If you want to. Towing in very mountainous terrain is difficult but can be done, you would need a powerful reliable vehicle for towing. Also we have a few bad road days, so just be aware.

Here is a video of the route

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