Kgalagadi & Southern Namibia 2019


The Kgalagadi is special! One of my favourite spots for a getaway. A bit expensive but we sleep in the parks, drive exclusive routes and have a great celebratory meal all included.

This tour I keep small and exclusive, first come first served.

It has a few seasons and my favourite is just as the rainy season ends. The butterflies are out, the veld is green and the area is showing its true colours.

This is one of the most un spoilt areas on the planet.

 A few bush camps, bush showers, this is the life. It is not a difficult tour and I will give you proper preparation for it.

We visit the Mabuasehube area for a few days, as well as Nossob and Mata Mata. This must be on your bucket list as it is absolutely supreme. Then to make it extra special, we cross to Southern Namibia. We visit the breathtaking Sossus vlei in the Namib and go for a spectacular Buffet dinner. From there we hug the Namib down to Aus and Luderitz. Further down to the Fish river cannyon and Ai Ais. This will take your breath away.

The Itinerary

Day 1.

We meet at our Uppington campsite for the night. Our campsite has a nice restaurant if you do not feel like cooking.

Day 2.

After breakfast we set off towards Kgalagadi, Twee Rivieren gate.  We do the border clearing to cross in to Namibia. Once the paperwork is done we head to our camp for the night.

Day 3.

After breakfast we head to Mabuasehube. Mabua is part of the Kgalagadi transfrontier park on the Botswana side but no passport is needed for this. The campsites here are very special and you are as close to nature as you can be. Long drop toilets and bucket showers are not as bad as you might think. A bucket shower is actually a normal hot shower. We sleep halfway to Mabua on the transit route.

Day 4.

The next morning we set off through the duneveld and arrive in Mabua. We sleep at one of my special campsites for two nights.

Day 5

We relax and fill the day with game drives around the pans and scouting around.  

Day 6.

We conclude our Mabuasehube tour and start our trek towards Nossob. To do this we use the ECO route and are assured of being the only ones on the road. We take things easy and sleep over at the eco route campsite.

Day 7.

After breakfast we depart for Nossob. This drive through the duneveld is one of the best drives in the area. You drive from the bushveld in to the dune area and see how the landscape changes. From here to Mata mata for the night. At camp we have hot showers and flush toilets again.

Day 8.

We set off heading Sossousvlei. A lovely days drive through southern Namibia brings us to the edge of the Namibia Desert. We will spend two nights here.

Day 9.

We visit the Sossousvlei national park and have a nice relaxing day with good photography. That evening a luxury dinner in one of the local lodges.

Day 10.

We depart south and drive along the edge of the Namib towards Aus. We travel along the edge of the Namibia Desert. We drive past the most awesome scenes you can immagine. Then on to our camp for the night. 

Day 11.

We take a drive in to Luderitz, visit the ghost town of Kolmanskop. We also scout around the area and learn more about its history. A good lunch at at a Luderitz restaurant. Then back to camp for the night.

Day 12.

We make our way south. Stop for coffee and a scone and visit the spectacular Fish river canyon.  We enjoy our last night on tour camping at the canyon.

Day 13.

Early morning I head back to Johannesburg

Tour specific comments


A normal 4×4 with low range as you buy them from the shop floor. No special kit required.


No experience required, I personally guide the tour and will give you everything you need as we go.


It is a bit sandy but, if you want to you are welcome to bring a trailer or off road van.


There is 220V power available at Nossob and Mata Mata.

Here is a video of the route

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