Welcome to a world of guided, self drive tours. Allow me to show you around Africa.


Bluerhino Safaris

Self drive, Professionally Guided, Sub Sahara African Safaris.

Join me at Bluerhino and explore Africa. My passion is to share Africa with others and I do this by creating the opportunities to tour Africa. 

My main focus to achieve this is through self drive tours, either rent a vehicle or use your own vehicle. Drive the roads and experience the beauty of Africa. The wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, Gorillas in Uganda, the wildlife in southern Africa.

I will assist you through the whole process and company you on tour as a professional guide. You don’t need any experience at all. If you need a tent, stretcher, fridge or even a fully catered tour, I can provide that.

Start by sending me a message and lets chat about the options to tour Africa.

Why Bluerhino?

Included in the cost


Bluerhino Safaris, your key to Africa.

We are operators of self drive guided tours in various formats, in southern and east Africa. 

I am often asked what I offer as a professional tour guide? What are we paying for? interested people would ask. I also often hear the comment that people can arrange their own tours much cheaper, so they don’t need a guide. This statement would represent a misunderstanding of what I do as a guide and tour operator.

Firstly I am a professional tour guide, not someone who guides in my spare time. I left the corporate world after achieving all the goals that I have set for myself and at a youngish age I could make my passion my full time job: Sharing Africa with others.

I try to add as much value as I can. Preparation assistance including food, vehicles, camping equipment and other general issues. How to drive in other countries like Zimbabwe, what to do and not to do etc.

All my guests can arrange their own tours, but choose to join my tours for whatever reason works for them, no stress, no arrangements, interesting talks, back up etc.

In my interpretative talks I try to put Africa in perspective, to help you to understand our position and relevance in the world. Why are things the way they are, why are we less people in Africa than we should be? How did our region develop since the days of Shaka, the great trek and Livingstone, from the early to mid 1800’s.

At the same time I try to fit in the best timing in the days, late mornings, early afternoons, coffee stops and break nights. Good campsites with proper facilities, no bush camping to save money.

So what is included in my fees? Included in the tour cost is all your accommodation, park fees, guide fees and some activities. You also get a two way radio from me for our comms. Your extra costs include your own fuel, vehicle, border crossing fees and food (depending on the tour).

So if you have not done this before, give it a try, if you have done this before, join me, you know it will be fun.