Bat migration and Malawi 2020


To see the Bat migration first hand is one of those weird experiences. It is one of those that you just don’t know what to expect. 

On our first tour to Kasanka, guests were bringing raincoats to cover against bat poo, and all other strange precautions.

The experience itself is very different from what you would expect. The bats fly overhead in their millions and all you can hear is the sound of the wind. In a silent peaceful manner the 8 million fruit bats, each the size of a Hadeda, take to the skies just before sunset and head out to feed for the night. 

No screeching, no getting stuck in your hair, no blood sucking, no chaos. The bats emerge and take flight peacefully and silently, passing overhead on their way to the feeding grounds. It is amazing!

It is a bit far to drive just for the bats so we make our way over to Malawi and travel down the length of the lake. 2 Nights in the north at one of the best lodges around and then down to the south and 2 nights at Cape McClear. Guests can look forward to snorkelling, boat rides and just some fun. From there we return back to South Africa.

Join me on this epic journey to see this massive mammal migration and then enjoy the beauty of Lake Malawi in one of its best seasons. 

The Itinerary

Day 1. 

We meet at our campsite near Kasane in Botswana for our first night. They have a good restaurant and the best Pizzas.

Day 2.

After breakfast we set off towards Zambia border, we cross the border and head towards Lusaka.

Day 3.

We pass through Lusaka, we change our money, do our final shopping and have a cup of coffee. We travel further north to a staging campsite from where we will enter Kasanka national park.

Day 4.

We enter the Kasanka National park and experience the fruit bat migration over the next 2 nights. 

Day 6.

We leave Kasanka national park and head further north to a very popular hot spring for the night.

Day 7.

A late morning and a last swim in the hot spring before we depart north to the Malawi border.

We sleep in Zambia to shorten the day.

Day 8.

We cross in to Malawi and head over to our first night next to the lake.

Day 9.

We travel down the edge of the lake and drive through some magic scenery and interesting places. We stop for groceries on the way.

Day 10,11

We arrive in Cape McClear and spend two nights just enjoying the area. During the day there is time for snorkeling and boat rides.

Day 12

We make our way back to the Zambia border and cross back in to Zambia as we start heading home.

Day 13

We head to Lusaka for the night.

Day 14 

We travel further south and make our way across the Botswana border. If we are in time we will head for Nata for the night. Otherwise we will sleep in Kasane.

Day 15

The next morning early I head back to JHB.

Tour specific comments


A 2×4 or normal 4×4 as you buy them from the shop floor. No special kit required. Normal tyres or all terrain tyres are good


No experience required, I personally guide the tour and will give you everything you need as we go.


Yes you may bring your bush van or trailer. 



Here is a video of the route

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