Central Kalahari & Kgalagadi Eco 2020


You can travel all the parks in Southern Africa and not find the same experience as you do in the ancient lake Kalahari sandveld. The sandy bushveld conditions with less than 500mm annual rainfall lends itself to the most pristine experience.

So the time of year pays a big role. My favourite time is just at the end of the wet season. Feb, March, April. The Central is green and lush with plenty of animals on the plains. Giraffe, oryx, wildebeest and springbok. The roads are sometimes wet and you might get a rainstorm or two but there is no dust and the park is brimming with life. I use the dry roads and avoid mud where possible.

The whole idea is to link two of these parks together, camping at the best spots, and settling in to the rhythm that has regulated this area for millions of years.

We spend the days driving through the valleys, look for badgers scratching in the ground, the very illusive Aardwolf and Brown Hyena. We meander over the dunes enjoying a bit of sand driving. ( don’t worry you will not get stuck ) In the evenings we chill under the stars by the campfire. We bring our heart rates back down to normal, we breathe the fresh clean air of our lovely blue planet.

This is a detox experience like no other, your body will thank you.

I keep the tour small and exclusive, first come first served, we are only allowed a small number of people in our group in the park. Make use of this opportunity to learn more about your vehicle and the area you are visiting.

The tour is 11 nights but we have good grocery stops on day 2 and day 8, so no worries on the shopping front.

The Itinerary

Day 1. 15 April 2020

We meet at our campsite near Serowe in Botswana for our first night. Khama Rhino sanctuary is spot with the most of Botswanas’ rhino population. I will tell you a bit more about rhinos. 

Day 2.

After breakfast we set off towards Central Kalahari. We stop for the last bit of groceries and fuel before we enter the Central Kalahari game reserve. We head for Deception Valley, one of the iconic areas in the wilderness in the world. We will be here for two nights.

Day 3.

We have the day to relax, so if you wanted to do a potjie or a big brunch this is it. We will go for a drive down the Letihau river and also visit Deception pan. We should have some great animal sightings in this valley.

Day 4.

We pack up and move on to the Passarge valley area. This is where the lion photos above was taken. Again a valley that is normally big on animals.

Day 5.

After breakfast we head to Piper pan, probably my most favourite campsite in Central. We are looking to arrive early and will leave late the next day. It is an awesome experience.

Day 6.

We head down to our last night in the Central Kalahri park. A waterhole nearby might have some elephants around.

Day 7

We pack up and move out of the park and on to some shopping and fuel. We stock up for the second section of our tour.

Day 8,9.

In to the iconic Mabuasehube section of the tour . We head for one of my favourite campsites in the park. We will spend two nights here and explore the park from this camp.

Day 10.

Driving the Nossob Mabua eco route is not just good for game viewing and a real taste of nature, the road is also better than the main track. One night on the eco route is just what is needed on the second last day of this tour.

Day 11.

Our last day we spend driving over the dunes on our way to Nossob. We should be in Nossob for lunch. So you could relax or do a last bit of game viewing. Our tour concludes.

Tour specific comments


A normal 4×4 with low range as you buy them from the shop floor. No special kit required. Normal tyres or all terrain tyres are good


No experience required, I personally guide the tour and will give you everything you need as we go.


It is a bit sandy but, if you want to let me know and we can discuss conditions. I have had trailers and vans on this route before.


Our nights in the park has no water or power, so please bring your own. Water you need about 5 litre pp per day. 

Here is a video of the route

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