Liuwa plains, after rains tour, Zambia 2020


This is going to be a great tour. Almost all operators visit Liuwa in the November season when the drought is is just past and the rains start falling. On my last tour I chatted with a local resident in the park and he said ” you must see this place in June, it is spectacular “. 

So here is the plan, in 2020 I am going in June.

Why June you ask? well the rains have just stopped and the park is reopened for visitors, the pans are full and the birdlife spectacular. The hyenas are still around as are the non migrating wildebeest, as well as the cheetahs and Lions. 

The temperatures are a bit lower than in November, and yes the tar road has been completed so it is easy to get there and back.

Combine this with a bit of Chobe national park and you have a winner.

Have a look at the itinerary…

The Itinerary

Day 1. 29 June 2020

We meet in Nata Botswana for our first night. A good restaurant if you need one, Also I am driving from Johannesburg so you are welcome to meet me on the way.

Day 2.

We depart from camp and head to the Zambian border. With the help of my border assistants we clear the border and set off to our camp site on the banks of the Zambezi. It is a full day drive but the road is pretty good these days.

Day 3,4,5.

We continue our journey north and enter the Liuwa plains national park.

We explore the park in all its glory just after the rainy season with all pans full and life in abundance.

We are looking for large flocks of waterbirds and the famous Hyenas in the water, like they do over here.

This park is also one of the top parks to visit for the cranes in our region.

We spend 3 nights in the park

Day 6.

We exit the park and make our way south. Stop for fuel and down towards the border.

Day 7

We cross the border and head for our campsite in Botswana.  

Day 8.

Our final day is a day in Chobe national park, driving along the river and exploring the park.

Day 9.

Our tour concludes and I head back home from Kasane.

Tour specific comments


A normal 4×4 with low range as you buy them from the shop floor. No special kit required. I carry the recovery equipment should you get stuck.


No experience required. The biggest challenge will be sand, but that is easy negotiated. I personally guide the tour and will give you everything you need as we go.


You may bring your favourite bush trailer if you want to.

Note: off road caravans not allowed in the park.

Here is a video of the tour

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