Gonarezhou, Place of the Elephants 2020


I have not been to Gonarezhou in the last season, and I can feel it missing in my calendar and my bones.

Gonarezhou is one of those places that just grows on you.

During the Rhodesian and then Mozambique civil war, the park was closed to the public for security reasons. Then in 1994 the park reopened to the public. 

This tour is just that perfect balance between eco quiet and a little more luxury.

We start our journey in Kruger for our first night and also end our tour in Kruger for our last night.

The middle section is marked by visiting the iconic Chilojo cliffs, driving to the confluence of the Save and Runde. Camping amongst trees as old as the universe. 

We visit the hideout of a renowned poacher, and experience a game rich area that few people visit. 

We drive through several river beds including the Limpopo, Save and Runde. We camp in the rivers edge and see the water birds flying past, elephants drinking. We drive to the top of Chilojo cliffs and more.

This one is always special. Don’t miss it.

We only pop in to Zimbabwe at the bottom and would not need to buy  fuel or food, so don’t worry about those items.

Just bring your smile, binoculars and camera.

The Itinerary

Day 1.

We meet in Kruger national park, Punda Maria for the first night. There is a restaurant if you wanted one. 

Day 2.

We make our way to the Mozambique border at Pafuri and proceed through.

From here we cross a few large rivers to get to the Zimbabwe border. 

We enter in to Zimbabwe and head to the park main office to check ourselves in. 

Day 3, 4, 5

First thing in the morning start our drive down towards the Runde river where we will spend the next three nights.We will use this campsite as a base to explore the park. 

We drive to the top of Chilojo cliffs, drive to the confluence of the Save and the Runde. Explore the inland water spots. Have coffee and lunches at some of the nicest spots around.

In the evening we relax at our riverside campsite with a G&T or a red wine.

Day 6.

We head back south and sleep our last night in the park.

Day 7.

We cross back in to South Africa and head down to the centre of the Kruger park for our last night.

Day 8.

Our tour concludes and you can hang around for another night or two or make your way home.

Tour specific comments


A normal 4×4 with low range as you buy them from the shop floor. No special kit required. I carry the recovery equipment should you get stuck.


No experience required. The biggest challenge will be sand, but that is easy negotiated. I personally guide the tour and will give you everything you need as we go.


You may bring your favourite bush van or bush trailer if you want to. 

Here is a video of the tour

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