Private Daudi, Okavango,Chobe, Hwange tour 2020


The balance and variation of this tour makes it a very unique experience. The reason I would not do it as a regular tour is just because most people do not have the time to do this tour in one. They would typically break it up in to 3 tours and do them separately.

On my website you will see three tours: Botswana Bitz, Central Kalahari, and Grootvoete. The three tours that would be equal to this tour.

The timing of this tour should fit exactly with the animal migrations, the water in the veld should be almost dried up and hence animals are nearer to the main water spots.

Where the animals are, is also where the predators would be.

Our camping experience would be under clear African skies, no rain expected, the worst of the cold of winter behind us with pleasant weather and nice temperatures.

The smell of a Mopani camp fire and a G&T in hand will be at the order of the day. 

This will be an epic tour!

The Itinerary

Day 1. 21 August 2020, Friday

We make our way up to Nata. Nata lodge has a good restaurant hot showers and is a good place to start our adventure.

Day 2. Red area

After breakfast we head north to the Pandamatenga border post in to Zimbabwe. We are heading to two of the most exquisite camp sites in the park. We will not be doing too much driving seeing that we are already camping at the spot we would be driving to…

We camp at a site called Deteema.

Day 3. 

We explore the area and have longer stops and coffee and lunches as we go.

We spend our second night at Deteema.

Day 4.

We pack our gear in the late morning and make our way across to Matsumo dam. Another exquisite picnic site where we will camp for the night.

Day 5

After breakfast we head out of the park and cross back in to Botswana. We head to a town called Kasane.

Good shops and restaurants here.  We take the time to stock up for the next few nights. 

We sleep in Kasane for the night. The best Pizza in Botswana is available here.

Day 6, Green area

We drive the full length of the Chobe national park river drive. One the the best viewing spots of wild animals in the world.

We arrive in the Linyanti valley for the night. 

This is the start of our Delta experience

Day 7

We head South to the Savuti area in green. This Iconic campsite has the largest elephants on our planet. 

We sleep in this site for two nights.

Day 8

We spend the day in the area game viewing, and photographing the large Elephants in the area. I will show you some rock art and a few water holes.

Day 9

After breakfast we south towards the well known Moremi game reserve. We sleep in the iconic 3rd Bridge camp for two nights

Day 10, 30 August

I will show you around the inland section of the third bridge area. The only place where Rhinos can be seen from the road if you are lucky. Also wild dog and cheetah hot spots.

Day 11, Blue area

After breakfast,we pack up and move south towards Maun. Ariving just around lunch time gives us time to do some laundry, shopping and ready ourselves for the next few days in the Delta. We sleep in the boating Safari lodge tonight. Dinner included.

Day 12

After breakfast we board our boats and enjoy your journey of exploration to the first camp whilst game watching, birding, photography or just relaxing onboard taking in the magnificent views of the Okavango Delta. Lunch will be served on board or on an island.  Arrive late afternoon at your first nights tented camp nestled between dense trees on a small island in the Okavango Delta. At the camp you will find your comfortable private classic tent with bathroom facilities (hot shower and bush toilet). Sun downer cruise on a palm framed lagoon in front your camp.  A three course sit down dinner will be served around the campfire. 

The Okavango delta is unique and is the UNESCO site number 1000. We chill. No driving, no dust G&T’s and a glass of wine camping in the Delta. 

Day 13

Early morning coffee or tea is served with rusks, cereals, fruit and yogurt before departing for a game walk in our island.   Please feel free if you’d prefer to sleep-in and enjoy a leisurely morning in camp. A cooked breakfast will be served after your game walk.  Board boats for your journey to our next camp in one of the most spectacular areas of the Okavango Delta.  In this area the Delta opens up with vast landscapes and more opportunities of encountering game.  Even though vast distances are covered through the Okavango Delta, much time is spent drifting while game watching, birding, photography or just relaxing onboard.  From time to time we do stop off on islands along the way to stretch our legs and explore them on foot. Lunch will be served on one of the many islands along the way. After lunch we continue on our journey to our next camp arriving at sunset. Hot showers will be ready waiting for you before pre-dinner drinks around the camp fire.   A three course sit down dinner is served with fine South African wines. The evening is spent around the camp fire gazing at the stars reminiscing about the day’s experiences in the Delta.

Day 14

After our morning activities, we board our boats to explore the diversity of the Okavango Delta while game viewing, birding or just relax and enjoy the tranquillity of the Okavango Delta.  Lunch will be served back at camp before retiring for an early afternoon siesta or just relaxing in camp. Later on we continue on our journey of exploration by boat returning to camp after sunset. A three course sit down dinner is served with fine South African wines.

Day 15

After our morning activities, we depart on a day trip up the Delta to enjoy the diversity of the upper reaches of the Okavango Delta which offers a very different experience from the previous days.  Lunch will be served on one of the many islands along the way.  Return to camp after a sun downer drink on the river. A three course sit down dinner is served with fine South African wines.

Day 16

After our morning activities we board the boats for our last day in the Delta drifting downstream before making our way back to Maun.  Relax and enjoy the last but very scenic day on the Okavango Delta. Lunch will be served on one of the many islands along the way. Arrive in Maun for your onward journey. We sleep in the lodge supplied by the boating company for tonight. Dinner and breakfast included.

Day 17, Yellow area

After breakfast we set off towards Central Kalahari, the yellow area. We stop for the last bit of groceries and fuel before we enter the Central Kalahari game reserve. We head for Deception Valley, one of the iconic areas in this area. We will be here for two nights.

Day 18

We have the day to explore. We will go for a drive down the Letihau river and also visit Deception pan. We should have some great animal sightings in this valley.

Day 19, Purple area.

After breakfast we set off towards Kubu Island, the purple area. A granite outcrop on the ancient Makgadigadi pans. Perfect for photography of Baobabs and the remains of the ancient lake Kalahari. No water or ablutions, a few hand wipes and a spade will be in order.

Day 20, 9 September

Our last day we spend driving down back towards South Africa. We spend our last night at Khama Rhino Sanctuary. 

Day 21, 10 September

I start my next grootvoete tour from Nata. You guys head back to your own destination.

Here is a video of the route

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