KZN. Berg to river to wildlife to coast, Hop on Hop off, tour 2021

Build your own KZN Tour

This is the first of this style of tour and gives you the chance to partake in the portions you would like to do. During the COVID lockdown I have invested time to design a route through Kwazulu Natal, visiting the main attractions as we go.

Visit the web page to see the price list that is a per night price for you to choose what to do and what not. Make the tour as long or short as you want to.

The main features would be starting in Port Edward for a coffee tour, then up and down Sani pass. Driving to the start of the Tugela and hugging the Drakensberg as we go. A quick visit at the main cave at Giants castle for some rock art, and a day in Royal Natal national park.

From there we follow the Tugela river with all its history down to the coast. We turn north and visit the Umfolozi national park. St Lucia lake. Sodwana and finally on to Kosi bay. A few days here and then inland where we close the route at Ithala near Pongola.

Choose your days to travel with us and build your own tour.

The whole tour will be guided by myself and two way radios will be issued for comms.

Hope to see you soon.

We will plan The Itinerary

Day 1.

We meet at our campsite near Scottburgh for our first night. 

Day 2.

We pack up our camp and proceed south to Beaver creek coffee farm. We do a coffee tour and have a brunch whilst we are there. After a lovely coffee experience we depart north to the lower Drakensberg for two nights.  

Day 3.

For those interested we are driving Sani pass today. We will have an early morning briefing discussing ascents and descents and low range on our 4×4 vehicles. From this we drive Sani pass up and down. 

Day 4.

We pack up and move north. We hug the Drakensberg on the closest gravel road we can find and visit Giants castle. This spot has a guided tour of their main cave where some exquisite rock art can be seen. They also have a good restaurant to enjoy lunch whilst we are there. From here we travel further north to Royal Natal national park for two nights.

Day 5.

Today we spend a day going for a morning walk in the berg. We will walk a section of the Tugela falls route and you may turn back  or walk further depending on your needs. We make our way back home just after lunch we take the afternoon off and relax.

Day 6.

We pack our gear and follow the Tugela river down to the coast. This historic border between the Zulus and British has many scars and interesting history. Spioenkop, Rorks Drift, Tugela ferry and other interesting places. We hug the river as far as possible. We end up at the Tugela mouth. 

Day 7.

We move east to St Lucia. We follow the coast via Mtunzini and Richardsbay. This will be our base for two nights. We should be early enough for an afternoon boat ride on Lake St Lucia. We also stay in town so there are restaurants and good food shops available.

Day 8.

We make our way to the Umfolozi national park for the day. Pack your lunch and coffee as we will have a great day in the park.

Day 9.

Today we will spend in the Cape Vidal area. We start the day with a visit the St Lucia Crock centre in town. We learn about one of the main inhabitants of lake St Lucia.We sleep at cape Vidal. We explore this world heritage site.

Day 10.

We make our way north to Sodwana Bay for the night. This well known dive resort has some of the best snorkeling in the area. 

Day 11.

We start a journey up towards Kosi bay and we use the back roads to get there. Here we can touch up our sand driving skills. We visit places like Mabibi, Black rock and Lake Sibaya.

We will stay in the Kosi bay regeon for 3 nights.

Day 12.

Today we head to the Kosi mouth. We drive past several traditional fish kraals. The picture that made Kosi mouth famous. It is not a long day and we scout around and relax a bit. 

Day 13.

We set off to Thembe elephant reserve. We spend the day in Thembe and we talk elephants and more elephants. Migration patterns, their roll in the bush and all you want to know about elephants.

Day 14. 

We break away from the sea shore and head inland again. Our last stop will be Itala game reserve.

Day 15.

We spend our last day game viewing and then our last night. A game walk is available for those interested. Otherwise we just enjoy this very young, and splendid park in South Africa.

Day 16.

First thing in the morning we set off in our own directions and go home.

Here is the price list. Remember to add your own discount at 1% per night.
PS. If you do the whole trip the cost works out to R770 per person per night.

Tour specific comments


A normal 4×4 with low range as you buy them from the shop floor. No special kit required. Normal tyres or all terrain tyres are good. Some sections can be done in a 2×4.


No experience required, I personally guide the tour and will give you everything you need as we go.


You are welcome to bring an off road trailer or even an off road van, no towing also welcome.


If you have any subject that you want to discuss, let me know and I will prepare something for you.

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