Kgalagadi Life after Fire, 2022


This is a very exclusive breakaway. 

September 2021 had seen one of the biggest fires the area has experienced, and a big part of the Botswana side had burnt down. Up to and including Polentswa lodge. 

When I was there with two groups in November 2021, it was clear that the veld was busy recovering and some animals started moving back. 

So the tour in March has a  twofold objective. We are going to enjoy the best season of the park in my books. Just after the rainy season, with butterflies and life in the park.

We are also going to see how the veld recovered. Combine this with spectacular camp sites, Mabuasehube and the 3 day Polentswa eco trail and you have a winner.

Join me for this very exclusive tour.

The Itinerary

Day 1

We meet at Twee Rivieren for our first night.

Day 2,

After breakfast we set off heading north to Nossob campsite. We spend a night at this iconic camp. We fill up with fuel and shake our feathers, ready for the next few days in Mabua.

Day 3, 

We start our exploration of the Polentswa eco trail. No other vehicles for 3 days. We head off to our first night in the bush at Sesatswe Camp

Day 4, 

We continue our trail and pass KAA gate. Here we stop for water before we set off to our last night on the trail at Lang Rambuka.

Day 5, 

We complete the eco route and head back to Nossob for the night.

Day 6, 

We head over to Mabua on the southern transit road. Not a long day as we sleep at Matopi camp for the night.

Day 7, 

From Matopi we travel the last section in to Mabua. We will camp here in Mabuasehube for two nights. The first night Khiding pan.

Day 8,  

Our second night in Mabua we sleep at Mabua pan itself. 

Day 9,

We start our return journey and head back to Matopi for the night.

Day 10

We travel back across the dunes to Nossob and then on to Twee rivieren. Our last night in the park. The next morning we start our exit and I head back to JHB.

Tour specific comments


A normal 4×4 as you buy them from the shop floor. No special kit required.


No experience required, I personally guide the tour and will give you everything you need as we go.


We have a bit of sand and the odd dune and depending on who drove before us the road might be bad.

So for this one I am going to ask for NO towing.


There is very limited 220V power available.

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