Oranje all the way Feb 2023.
Drive the Orange river top to bottom in the wet season.


Ok, so not very often do I plan a tour with a lot of water in mind, but this one is different. We plan to see the Orange river as flooded as we can and drive along the length of the river to experience it absolutely massive impact on the country.

The area we will be driving in will not have much rain as we are in the Northern cape but the water arriving from the catchment area in Mpumalange and Lesotho will swell the river to capacity.

This tour is for campers, tourers, historians, geologists, National park enthousiasts, 4×4 drivers, 4×2 drivers. So much for everyone.

The Orange river has a long history and significance for our region that I think it is a must, to experience it. 

We start our journey on the Lesotho border and follow the Orange river. First the upper regeons then the confluence with the Vaal, the Kimberly area and the Kakemas wine regeon. The Namaqualand and Richtersveld.

It is spectacular and surprising to find the little spots of paradise next to the river as we wind our way down to the Atlantic.

This tour will have something for all, if you have not had the exhilarating experience to see the Orange in flood, you have to do this one..

The Itinerary

Day 1.

We all make our way to the starting point of our journey. We meet at Zastron for our first night.

Day 2.

After breakfast we start our journey. We meet up with our traveling companion, The Senqu, it had just changed its name as it arrived from Lesotho and will now be known as the Orange, or Gariep. We cross the river a few times and end the day on the banks of the Orange at the Van der Kloof Dam. A super delightful campsite that you never knew existed.

Day 3.

We visit the town of Orania. A Banting coffee and koeksister or slice of cake are in order in this little town. We visit the Koeksister monument before heading out to Mokala.

We head over to SANPARKS newest park. Mokala National park. We expect to be in camp early and enjoy a game drive in the park for the afternoon. 

Day 4.

After a late breakfast we continue our journey and follow the Orange River further west.  Traveling through Douglas where the Vaal river join us. We head towards Upington where we spend the night on the banks of the Orange river. Another gem of a campsite

Day 5.

We are just outside of Upington and if you need to you may head to town for shopping  or continue following the river until we get to Kakamas.  You may visit Augrabies or go straight to the wine farm for a tasting. A very popular option.

Wine tasting on the camp grounds. An award winning wine farm where we can stock up for the next few days…

Day 6.

At Pella we break away from the tar and head down to the Orange, now forming the border with Namibia. A remote campsite on the Namaqua 4×4 eco route, on the banks of the Orange is on the cards for tonight. This is a favourite of many guests on this tour.

Day 7.

After a late morning we leave our campsite and complete the section of the Namaqua 4×4 eco route as we head in to Vioolsdrift for the night. 

Day 8.

Our last two days comprise of driving the back roads to the Richtersveld and sleeping in the in the Richtersveld on the banks of the Orange for the last two nights.

Day 9.

In the past most guests prefered to stay in camp for the day, swimming or fishing or just relaxing. We see how everyone feels and if you choose to go for a drive we take a day drive and explore the park. 

Day 10.

We exit the park and head to the mouth of the Orange. Here our tour concludes and we return home.

Tour specific comments


A normal 4×4 with low range as you buy them from the shop floor. No special kit required.

A 4×2 will also be sufficient, but no towing for a 4×2


No experience required, I personally guide the tour and will give you everything you need as we go.


You may bring your off road trailer.


No passport required for South Africans

Here is a video of the 2021 route