Lesotho Luxury Winter Tour 2019


Living on the southern tip of Africa is one of the blessings in life. We have a wonderful landscape and great weather but unfortunately this means snow is in short supply.

The Bluerhino Safaris Lesotho winter tour is specifically made to experience another side of life.

We travel to the part in our region that has annual snowfalls, drought permitting. These annual snowfalls coupled with the summer rainfall in the region makes Lesotho the perfect place to gather water for the supply of Gauteng.

Our journey takes us from the lowlands and the Basotho Battlefields, all the way to the snow capped mountains where the ski resorts reside. So you may pack your winter woolies, and come and enjoy this experience with me.

 This is a lodge based tour and we stay in Lodge accommodation for the 4 nights. We eat some of the best meals available in Lesotho in the local lodge restaurants.

This is a nice 5 day breakaway and will do your soul good.

The Itinerary

Day 1.

We meet at Wepener at 11am and head towards the border post to do all the necessary paperwork. Once in Lesotho we start our journey in the lowlands and travel through the Battlefields in the easterly direction.  Lesotho is the country known as the country in the world with the highest low point. We make our way from the lowlands to the highlands. We stop for lunch on the road and after lunch proceed towards our lodge for the first night.

Day 2.

After breakfast we gear up and start the journey towards the highest waterfall absail in the world. To get there we travel on a lovely Mountain pass not frequently travelled. We stop for a coffee break or hot chocolate if you wish. We arrive at the 200 metre high waterfall in the late afternoon and spend an hour or so enjoying this natural wonder. From here we make our way to the lodge where one of the best restaurants in Lesotho awaits us. A fireplace in your room will assist with beating off the cold.

Day 3.

After breakfast we make our way towards Katse Dam. This is normally a full days driving to cover the 240 km. However Lesotho is busy changing the roads and there is a chance that we can take the scenic shortcut. We sleep at Katse Lodge and enjoy the dinner that they have to offer for us. The local trout is one of the favourites.

Day 4.

After breakfast we head off to the Katse Dam wall for a tour of this magnificent and structure. With the dam tour completed we head off towards Sani Pass. We arrive at Sani top in the late afternoon and enjoy a hot beverage, or maybe something cold.

Day 5.

After breakfast we tackle the renowned Sani Pass,  this pass is in the process of being upgraded but it is still not tarred and we enjoy the views as we come down the pass. We complete the downward journey at around lunch time, say our goodbyes, and do the border formalities before we head home.

Tour specific comments


A normal 4×4 with low range as you buy them from the shop floor. No special kit required.


No experience required, I personally guide the tour and will give you everything you need as we go.


We do not have to pack any kit so towing is not required.


There is 220V power available in the rooms, Eskom, solar and generator permitting.

Here is a video of the route

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