Serengeti, Gorillas & Chimps, East Africa, May 2022, Electronic payment options

Once you start travelling in Africa, you realize that there are so much to see on a continent that is laced with cultural history and natural diversity.

That is why we are visiting Central East Africa for as long as possible.

Our journey north will lead us through Zambia past Lake Tanganyika where we take a breathtaking break. 

Then on to Rwanda where we visit the Kigali Genocide museum and further on our expedition to see the Chimps and Mountain Gorillas. We visit lake Victoria, Malawi and Tanganyika. Drive through Rwanda, the cleanest country in Africa. We visit a local coffee farm in Uganda for an experience you will not forget.

We will be visiting the very mountainous, volcanic region in Africa. The edge of the great African tropical forest and the East African rift valley.  

Do a bit of Kayaking or rafting on the White Nile river at Jinja.

To add to this we will be returning to South Africa via Kenya and Tanzania. After a few requests I have decided to do a special tour for 2022. We replace Zanzibar for the Serengeti. 3 Nights in the Serengeti included in the cost.



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