If you are booking a tour.

If you are booking a tour, you are welcome to book and confirm the tour just with the tour deposit. The balance payments are charged at a later stage, typically 1 month before departure. For the balance payments I will remind you and you could then pay online or pay me via EFT.

Booking for tour groups.

If you are booking for a group of people, you can pay the deposit to confirm your booking and I will then recalculate your fees and adjust your payments according to the number of guests and send a personal invoice for settlement at a later stage. 

If you are buying products.

If you are buying products, you might want to considder instalation options, or just a chat before deciding if you want to install the product yourself. Please feel free to contact me and finalise this if you are not sure. Remeber I can send you an individual quote as well for a more personalised experience.


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