The convoy

We normally drive in a convoy for several reasons.

  • Avoid getting lost
  • It is safer
  • I warn the convoy of dangers on the road
  • I advise the convoy of procedures as we drive.
  • We can assist if someone is in trouble. As the guide I am a trained first aider and the kit is with me.

Radio communication

We stay in radio communication with each other via two way radios that I issue to the group. On these I share interesting stories and facts. I have my personal channels which means we avoid having others on our channels.

Breaking away

If you want to modify your route inside our tour, you may advise me and we can work something out. Ie Visit your brother in Harare and meet up with us later etc.

Otherwise I would appreciate if you stay with the group, it helps if we need to make a route adjustment or a decision on the spot.


I normally travel at about 100km/h on tar roads, but this is determined by the slowest in the group. If you are towing a van and you can only do 95km/h, then that is what we do. I would then adjust the stops to compensate on the times.

Alcohol use

This is not allowed for the drivers on any public road, it is against the law and it endangers others.

Number of vehicles

My normal groups would be between 4 and 8 vehicles.

4×4 driving

We only drive 4×4 vehicles in order to get to the places that we want to see. We do not do competitions and we do not test the vehicle limits!!!

We are eco conscious nature lovers driving around Africa in a responsible way.


You may like “blou bul” songs and love to play them too feel good ;-). But unfortunately not everyone are blou bul supporters. If you must play music, please refrain from doing it on loudspeakers. Take your earphones with and listen to your music on earphones.

The sounds in the bush, day and night are one of the reasons we do these trips.