Have you seen the vehicles with all kinds of 4x4 stuff on them?
You don't need all of that.

My philosophy is that the basics must do, I do not believe in spending money on Unnecessary things.Keep it simple.

A Spade?

Probably the most important thing to have. It works for shovelling coals, and digging yourself out of trouble.

Tyre pump.

We are always deflating tyres for road conditions, important to be able to re-inflate. Bigger tyres bigger pump, these days 150 litre is about right.

Fuel range

To comfortably travel in Africa, a range of 1000km is important. Have a long range tank fitted or carry jerry cans.

Vehicle with low range

Some modern vehicles do not have this but generally speaking a vehicle with low range will be required. It gives more power and speed control options. I do have tours that does not require a 4x4, ask me about this...

A Jack

This is one of the items you do not need on my tours, but it is helpful. The most useful and cost effective jacks are air balloon jacks. High lift jacks like the one in this picture are dangerous and does not always work on your vehicle

Fire Extinguisher

It happens to the best of us, a fire by accident. Have a good quality extinguisher on hand when camping, driving or at home in your kitchen. They are always handy. A serviceable one is required by most countries in your vehicle.

What stuff I bring on tour:

  • This off course means you do not have to bring these items . If you have it bring it, but don’t go and by it.

Keep It Simple

The great explorers did not have the “Outdoor warehouse” open 7 days a week. They only took what they needed. 

I will give you the preparation you need to have and you will not be wondering what to expect. I will prepare you on food, driving distance and driving conditions and much more.

Chris van Niekerk, Professional guide.