Botswana Blitz 2020 Dashboard

Meeting date and time:

We will meet at Khama Rhino sanctuary 13 July in the late afternoon. If you are early please go for a game drive. Rhino viewing is better in the afternoon. 

See the map below.

We will depart from Khama rhino the next morning at 9h00am 

Tour Distance:

From Martins drift back to Martins drift is 2000km

Fuel availability:

Fuel will be available in all major towns and can be paid by credit card.

The longest distance between fuel pumps would be from Maun back to Maun and would be about 500 km.

Fuel purchase:

Credit cards will be generally excepted but be prepared for a card machine that is out of order. Best is to have one tank of fuel in cash with you.


We will do most transactions in cash but cards will work where we are at lodges.

Credit cards will also work most of the time. MasterCard might work but VISA remains the best option.


We will stop for groceries as is needed on our overnight stop in Maun.


It is a short tour so this should not be required.


Flush toilets every night.


Hot showers most of the time

4×4 Driving:

This is a 4×4 tour and we will be driving in sand in the parks. 

Bring your spade and a few Cokes to sip on whilst someone is stuck…..;-)

Just joking, we will all be fine, I will teach you the ropes as we go.

I also have all the recovery equipment, no need to bring any along. Just a tyre pump and spade.


There is water for cooking and cleaning everywhere. No need to bring water.

For drinking water we will buy bottled water at the shops as we go.


We are in Botswana in winter. Nights will be cold and the days will be pleasant. Bring a jacket for the boat ride. 

Shorts for the days and a  jacket for the evenings should do it.

No rain expected.