COVID Rules on all Bluerhino Tours
Revised 5 Oct 2020

Overview of our situation

We had our first two tours under COVID conditions and I have decided a strategy for our tours. I am trying to keep it sensible but comfortable taking every guests health in to consideration.

From all the data I have seen, the Coronavirus is not going to leave us for a while still. The simple fact is that we in South Africa, count in the bottom half of the world and our access to therapeutics and a vaccine will be as part of the rest of Africa, back of the Q.

If all the people in the whole world could isolate together for 30 days the disease would have been completely gone already. However our situation in the world is that this just can not be done.

So we will need to figure out how to live with the virus.

Also keep in mind that the situation changes around the world on a daily basis. Today it is safe to open and tomorrow we need to close down. However African economies can not maintain such indecision and at some point things will “open up”, even with the virus is still hanging around.

So we need to find a way to carry on with life, whilst at the same time we do everything in our power to avoid the disease.

Here are the Bluerhino rules that will ensure our travels can be done in a manner as safe as possible. Sorry if I am a bit blunt, but I think we need to be serious on this subject.

The Rules

Rule 1: We will observe all rules and regulations of each country as we travel. 

Obviously we all have opinions about the disease, and you are welcome to have your opinion, but we will follow the rules set out by the government of each country we visit, at all times. As a professional guide I will not do illegal activities that could jeopardise my guests safety and security. I will not issue fake permits like other companies have done! If you think breaking the rules are ok, please find another company to tour with.

Rule 2: Each tour guest is responsible for the health of all the other guests.

If you ever said you don’t want to wear a mask, because you are young and the desease will not harm you, or your God will protect you, you form part of the selfish group of people on our planet.

If you want to risk infecting yourself and roll the dice on your own survival, you are welcome to do that. But if you endanger the lives of others around you, maybe not so fortunate to have access to your God or maybe not as healthy as you, you are reckless.

I would like your actions to display you to consider yourself potentially infectious at all times.

NO: Fist pumps, elbow bumps, hugs or kisses.

Rule 3: No mask shaming.

I do not expect you to wear a mask when we are out and about and we are operating in a low risk environment, Ie: Out in the open, during sunlight hours, in your own vehicle or whilst we are spaced out etc. However at any point if you feel uncomfortable in your situation or you do not want to risk someone else’s heath, you are welcome to wear your mask.

I will not tolerate negative comments toward pro-mask guests. The science is in on masking, it is our best defence from a public health perspective.

When we do a recovery; Mask on, use your own spade, social distance. 

Rule 4: If you have covid you may not join the tour!

Also, if you had covid I expect you to have found a negative test or be at least 14 days recovered with no symptoms or fever before joining the tour.

Indeed some of us will get the virus, that is just a given. If you get the virus before the tour, please let me know and we can see how to deal with the situation, like reschedule your tour as best as possible. 

Rule 5: If you contract COVID during the tour.

If you contract COVID simptoms during the tour, you will immediately self isolate together with your traveling companions. You will seek medical help as soon as possible and only a negative COVID test will allow you back on the tour.

If we are far from South Africa, I will assist with your medical action planning as well as your return planning if it be necessary. 

Rule 6: If you can, please download the South African COVID tracking app. COVID Alert SA. 

This is less a rule and rather a strong suggestion.

The app uses bluetooth and every time it sees another bluetooth COVID app it records the data. Who and when. If anyone then gets COVID, the app can automatically alert you of the exposure and you can take the necessary steps.

I have been getting a weekly green message advising me that there has been no concerns in my sphere.

Rule 7: Don’t share stuff.

Here is my camera, please take a picture of us…..bad idea. Rather use your own camera and send the picture afterwards. 

Sharing braai grids, a spade, braai tongs…bad idea. Make sure to bring your own.

You will be issued with a two way radio and the only thing leaving your vehicle is the battery. I sanitise and charge the battery daily.

Stay alert and use only your own stuff. 

So how did our tours work out?

Our tours ended up being very enjoyable. Guests were comfortable to mask when they got in to situations where they needed masks. We masked when we were in towns doing shopping, or filling up with fuel.

We sanitised our hands religiously. 

We kept social distance as much as we could. I would do the paperwork and campsite check ins etc and my guests would remain in their vehicles where possible.

My feeling in the group was that most guests were happy to be cautious rather than blase. Therefor we will continue to tour in such a fashion