Vehicle documents:

Check that you have the registration documents for your vehicle. The document has to be doc no RC1 (right hand top) not an old licence disk renewal paper with a hole cut in it.  If you don’t have it, find out who has it. If the car is still being paid it will be with the financial institution, or company car it will be with the company, even if it is registered in a trust and you are the trustee.

To cross the border you would need the following:  A copy of the registration of your vehicle doc RC1. It is best to have it certified by the SAPS.

And, if you are not the owner of the vehicle,

A letter from the owner (e.g. the bank or your company or whoever is the registered owner of vehicle) allowing you to take the vehicle across border. To get this the bank might ask you to confirm that the vehicle is insured which means you need to present a letter from your insurer to the financial institution that will then give you the letter and a copy of the registration document.

Vehicle insurance and repatriation.  

In the event of your vehicle being in an accident and un drivable, you will have to repatriate it to South Africa. Contact your insurance company and confirm the extent of your cover and also your repatriation options. They might have special telephone numbers etc.


What is important at this point is to find your passport and check that it does not expire within 6 months after your trip ends. It also needs to have at least 2-4 open pages in it, depending on how many countries you will visit. If you are not travelling on a SA passport please check with your government what requirements you have with regards to visiting the intended countries.

Arrange your visas in time.

Remember to check whether you are travelling through another country other than your destination. E.g. If you are going to Zambia via Katima from Botswana you will be crossing through Namibia, thus require multiple entry visas etc.

Drivers licence

Your South African licence is accepted in the whole of southern Africa, please make sure it is not going to expire before or during the tour. An international licence is available from the AA if you are not sure if your licence is valid or not.