Gorillas 2019 Dashboard

Meeting date and time:

We will meet at Thebe river safaris, for our first night, in Kasane Botswana on 15 December 2019 in the afternoon or evening. See the map below.

We will depart from Kasane the next morning at 7h30am 

Tour Distance:

From Kasane Botswana to Martins drift 8359 km

Fuel availability:

Fuel will be available everywhere. If you can get 650km between stops you will be ok. We will strategise on tour to buy fuel in the cheapest countries and avoid the expensive ones as far as possible.

Fuel purchase:

We will buy fuel with cash. Credit cards will be excepted now and again but it is very unreliable.


We will do most transactions in cash but cards will work where we are at lodges, like a restaurant or boat cruise etc. 

We take USD only and exchange as we go. Remember large notes exchange for better rates than small denominations.


We will exchange where necessary at recognised exchanges.

Credit cards will also work from time to time. MasterCard might work but VISA remains the best option.


Botswana will take rand at the border and you can use a credit card to fill up with fuel, so you technically do not need any Pula, but I would advise to have 500Pula with you in case of a fine etc. You can use the rest of your Pula when filling up in Kasane before we enter Zambia.

Food restrictions:

We should only have issues crossing in to Botswana. The rest of the countries normally do not have any issues.

Plastic bags:

Plastic bags are being banned in more and more countries, it will be the case for us on this tour as well.

The bags normally in question is carrier bags and rubbish bags. The plastic wrapping around your salami will be ok, the plastic in which your other foods are packed would be ok. Dry food bags can be questioned, like nuts in a flimsy plastic bag or a bread in plastic. 

Vacuum packed bags are also ok.

So you need to switch to paper bags and strong plastic containers and vacuum sealer bags.


We will stop for groceries as is needed, but our major stops would be:

  • Kasane day 1
  • Lusaka day 3
  • Kigali day 9
  • Fort Portal day 14
  • Kampala day 18
  • Arusha day 22
  • Mzuzu day 26 


There will be lodges that take in washing to be done, otherwise you will have to wash as we go. Our planned double days are:

  • Lake view day 6,7
  • Kigali day 9,10
  • Mutanda day 11,12,13
  • Fort Portal area  day 15,16
  • Jinja day 17,18
  • Karatu day 20,21

4×4 driving:

There should be no 4×4 driving required. 


There is water for cooking and cleaning everywhere. Campsites have taps.

We will buy bottled water at the shops as we go for cold drinking water.