Kgalagadi Botswana 2020 Dashboard

Meeting date and time:

We will meet at Nossob Campsite in Kgalagadi. 26 April 2020 for our first night. We have 5 electrical camp sites booked. Please find a spot that works for you and settle in. 

We will depart the next morning from Nossob on our route.

Our last night is 1 May back in Nossob, I depart at first light on 2 May to get back home, you are on your own from then.

Tour Distance:

From Nossob to Nossob about 500 km, half sand and half gravel.

Fuel availability:

Fuel will be available in Nossob only you will need to do the whole range so jerry cans if needed.

Fuel purchase:

Credit cards will be generally excepted but be prepared for a card machine that is out of order.


Kgalagadi shop at Nossob only takes cash in Rands.


Flush toilets at Nossob. Long drops for the rest and one night it is you and your spade……


Hot showers at Nossob, Shower cubicals with a bucket at the rest. The eco trail will have a bush shower. Remember a container to collect water at the water points as we pass them for the night. 

There are water available through the park so we will fill up as required.

A 5 litre shower per person is plenty.

4×4 Driving:

This is a 4×4 tour and we will be driving in sand on the Botswana side. 

Bring your spade and a few Cokes to sip on whilst someone is stuck…..;-)

Just joking, we will all be fine.

I also have all the recovery equipment, no need to bring any along. Just a tyre pump and spade.


We will find water for cooking and cleaning daily around the park. Bring a container big enough for two days, in case a borehole is not working 

5 litre for a shower and 5 litre for washing per day per person. a 25 litre container per day will be plenty.

Drinking water we can buy in bottles in the Nossob shop, or bring your own.

What to do?

Reduce your water use. 

Carry water for drinking and keep it separate. ( bottled inside the vehicle or whatever ) Then a second tank or drums that we fill as we go, for washing and showers.

Drinking water I would say 3 litre per person per day as a minimum.


We are in the Kgalagadi at a very pleasant time. The days are still warm but the evenings are starting to cool a little. 

Shorts for the days and a light jacket for the evenings should do it.