Kgalagadi 2020 Itinerary

Obviously this tour is your tour and I will be happy to fit in with any requirements from your side. The following Itinerary is just a rough Itinerary to give the basics, times can be adjusted as required.


Day 1, 26 April 2020

17h00 We meet at Nossob Rest camp. 

Day 2, 

9h00 We Depart on the eco route and head to Mosomane camp site. The total drive is only about 6 hours for the day.

13h30 We stop for lunch in the bush somewhere .

16h30 Arrive at our campsite on the eco route. 

No water at this site so we will bring some along from Nossob. I will set up a shower but you need your own spade and bolliebankie for your bush toilet.

Day 3

9h00 We have a relaxed morning and as soon as everybody is ready we continue with the road to Mabuasehube. Lesoloago camp. Total drive time is about 5 hours. 

Today we will visit the Mabua pan and several other pans on the way.

We stop for coffee and lunch as we go.

16h00 We arrive in camp. We will figure out the long drop and sort out a shower. There are normally water in the opposite campsite about 1 km away. We can fill our drums there.

We are here for two nights.

Day 4.

9h30 Today is just a bit of exploration of the park. We will visit the central portions of the park. 

We will stop for lunch and just chill around for the day. 

Departure from our campsite and arrival back to camp is up to you as to how the day will be structured. 

Groot kook kan vandag gebeur.

Day 5

9h00 Depart from our campsite. We are heading to the southern tip of Mabua. We will stop for coffee before exiting out of Mabua and heading back to Nossob on the Transit road.

Driving time for the day is about 6 hours, and we end up at Matopi Campsite.

Day 6

9h00 We tackle the last section of our tour and head to Nossob for the Night. Also about 5 hours drive for the day.

We stop along the road for coffee and lunch.

Our tour concludes in Nossob.

Day 7

First light I head back to JHB.