Lesotho 2019 Dashboard

Meeting date and time:

We will meet at Lord Fraser guest house in Wepener, Monday 29 July 2019, in the morning at 11am. See the map below.

We will depart from Wepener at 11 am, please make sure your vehicles are filled up. 

Tour Distance:

From Wepener to Underberg about 750 km.

Fuel availability:

Fuel will be available on the tour. If you can get 450km between stops you will be ok. We normally use a fuel stop in Thaba Tseka.

Fuel purchase:

We will buy fuel with cash. Rands will work.

Vehicle preparation:

For this tour you must have antifreeze in your vehicle radiator.

Try to fill up diesel near our starting point like Bloemfontein. Winter diesel in cold areas has additives to prevent gelling. No farm diesel, it will gel up.

Also please make sure your brakes have been serviced. We do a lot of passes and the tour is a bit heavy on braking. 


Meals on this trip included will be as follows:

All breakfast and dinners. 


There will be cash bars at all our stops. Drinks of any kind are for your own account.

Coffee stops:

At coffee stops I will provide hot water, coffee tea and hot chocolate, milk and sugar.

Please bring your own mug and anything else you might want to drink.


It is a mountain winter tour and it should be cold. What works?

Layers. Take a warm fleece and warm jacket.

Beanie, woolen socks, long johns and gloves.


We do not expect emergencies but let’s prepare for them.

Please take along a warm sleeping bag in your vehicle for just in case.


We will do most transactions in cash but cards will also work when we are at the lodges.

4×4 driving:

There should be almost no 4×4 driving required except when we are on a scenic back road and going down Sani pass.

Not really very difficult these days.


There will be water at the lodges, but please take bottled water for drinking in your vehicle.