Lesotho winter 2019 Itinerary

Day 1, 29 July 2019

11 am    We meet at the Lord Fraser guest house in Wepener. I normally sleep in Bloemfontein the night before, but many guests have stayed in the Lord Fraser for the night waiting for me.

Make sure your vehicle is filled with fuel.

12pm  We clear the van Rooyen Hek border post and set off in to Lesotho.

1pm. We stop for lunch next to the road. Remember to pack your own lunches. I boil a kettle and I will have coffee tea sugar and hot chocolate with me. Bring your own mug.

We drive through the Basuthu battlefields on our way to our first night stop

4pm We arrive at Malealea Lodge and check in.

5pm A local band performance and then dinner.

Day 2

8.00 am Breakfast at the lodge

9.00am   We depart from Malealea and use a scenic back road to get to Semonkong.

11am Stop for coffee next to the road.

3pm Arrive at the Semonkong Maletsunyane waterfall.

4pm Depart from the waterfall.

5pm. We check in to Semonkong lodge.

Day 3

7.30am   Breakfast in the restaurant.

8.30 am  Depart to Katse Dam. We drive a very scenic road. We stop for coffee along the road.

2pm. We stop for lunch somewhere along the road

5pm Arrive at Katse dam for the night.

6pm Dinner at the restaurant.

Day 4

7am Breakfast at the lodge. 

8h30 am We depart from the lodge for the Katse dam wall tour.

11am We depart from Katse dam 

1pm Lunch stop on a scenic road.

5pm Arrive at Sani top for the night.

6pm Dinner at Sani top.

Day 5, 2 August 2019

7am Breakfast at the lodge

8am We depart and make our way down Sani pass.

11 am We complete the journey down the pass and finish the tour at the RSA border. We are half an hour from Underberg.

We stamp our passports and say farewell……