medical on tour

What I bring, and what I do.

I take care of the basic first aid for the tour. 

The green bag is my first aid kit, soI deal with first aid as needed. I have had a 18cm open head wound and a broken ankle on my tours. It is just the way life works. We will deal with whatever we have to as we go.

In this picture you also see a AED, Automatic External Defibrillator. In case of a heart attach this is what I will use. Don’t worry I am trained in its use.

Tablets and other medicine is not part of first aid and I do not issue it at all. 

So how do I handle first aid?

First I administer first aid to stabilise whatever situation, from there we will decide how serious the injury is and what needs to be done. This might vary between carrying on with the tour with a minor issue or driving to the nearest hospital with a serious issue. Please be prepared to book a ticket on the first flight home if required. The rest of the group will remain in limbo for the time it takes to stabilise the situation and as soon as the injured member is sorted out with a clear path forward we will continue the tour.  

How do I handle illness?

This is a bit more tricky, you have to prepare for a tour with the basic medication that you would use at home.

IMPORTANT!! The procedure on tour would be that you will have to self medicate or see a local doctor. If you require medication that I might have I will insist that you phone your physician and get approval from your physician before I will share what medication I might have. So please visit your physician and tell them about your travels and get their number in case of emergency.

What you need to consider bringing

  • Firstly bring your own first aid kit, it is always a good idea.
  • Also remember your personal medication.

On a longer tour you need to be more prepared. So I normally suggest the following.

  • Broad spectrum antibiotics
  • Anti inflammatories
  • Muscle pain medication
  • Anti histamine
  • Headache tablets
  • Stomach cramp medicine
  • Nasal decongestant, in case of severe sinus issues, spray or tablets.
  • I also travel with Coartem, a malaria treatment. If you use prophylactics this should not be necessary. However on a tour longer than 2 weeks far from home this might be an option.

NOTE: Please consult you physician on these items and their use!