Oranje top to Bottom 2021 Itinerary

Day 1, 13 October 2021

17h00 We meet at Mountain view campsite in Zastron for our first night. A restaurant is available in town for dinner if you want one. 

Day 2, 

9h00 Depart from our campsite and make our way to meet the Orange river as it exits from Lesotho. 

We hug the river and stop for coffee and lunch on the road. 

We pass the Gariep dam fill up fuel in Colesberg and then on to our camp at the van der Kloof dam.  

16h30 Arrive at our campsite die Sandgat just outside of van der Kloof.

Day 3

8h30 We break up camp and head towards Kimberly. Mokala National park is our destination.

9h30 We stop for breakfast or a coffee in Orania.

12pm We enter the park, drop our loads, and head in to the park to explore the park for the rest of the day.

Once we had enough we head to our campsite in the park.

Day 4.

10hoo We have a late morning if you wanted to go for a drive. We exit the park and make our way down to Douglas, the confluence of the Vaal and Orange.

We stop for lunch next to the road during the day and hug the Orange as we drive.

At the end of the day we arrive in Boegoeberg resort next to the river.

Day 5.

9h00 We break up camp and depart to Uppington.

10h00 At Uppington we stop for groceries and sort out what needs sorting.

1pm In Kimberly you could stop for something to eat and at your own pace head to Kakemas for the night. Our campsite is Die Mas. 

If you wanted you could visit Augrabies for the afternoon or you could head to Die Mas for wine tasting.

Day 6.

9h00 We break up camp and head off for a Namaqua 4×4 eco drive day, hugging the Orange river and following it down stream until we reach our camp at Ramansdrift as on this picture above.

Stop for coffee and lunch as needed.

16h00 Arrive at our campsite Ramansdrift.

Day 7.

8h30 Depart from our campsite and continue our tour on the Namaqua 4×4 section.

10h30 Stop for a coffee break 

12h30    Stop for lunch 

16h00    Arrive at our campsite Bushwacked in Vioolsdrift.

Day 8

8h00 Depart from our campsite and continue on to the Richtersveld via the back roads.

10h30 Stop for a coffee break 

12h30    Stop for lunch 

15h00    Arrive Richtersveld gate, check in and head to our first night at de Hoop campsite.

Day 9

We take an off day and relax next to the river. Bring your swimming attire as there are many people taking a dip or spend the day fishing or just read a book.

I will drive through the park to Kokerboomkloof and explore a bit.

We spend our second night at de Hoop.

Day 10

7h30 Depart from our campsite and we start the exit road to leave the park. 

11h00 We stop for coffee.

13h00 We Arrive in Alexanderbay. This is where our tour concludes, and we make our way home.