Serengeti 2021 Dashboard

Meeting date and time

We will meet at Nata Lodge, for our first night, 15 May 2021 in the afternoon or evening. See the map below.

We will depart for Kasane the next morning on 16 May at 7h00am 

Tour Distance:

From JHB to JHB 10500 km

From Malawi to home:

Please consult the itinerary as we have two options and it is based on the situation in Zimbabwe at the time of our arrival. We will make the call en route.


Please consult your GP. This is Malaria area.

Fuel availability:

Fuel will be available everywhere. If you can get 650km between stops you will be ok. We will strategise on tour to buy fuel in the cheapest countries and avoid the expensive ones as far as possible.

Fuel purchase:

We will buy fuel with cash. Credit cards will be excepted now and again but it is very unreliable. 


We will do most transactions in cash but cards will work where we are at lodges, like a restaurant or boat cruise etc.

We take USD only and exchange as we go.

We will exchange where necessary at recognised exchanges 

Credit cards will also work from time to time. MasterCard might work but VISA remains the best option.

US $:

Please note large denominations ( US$50 and US$100 ) will exchange at better rates. 

Also note currently the generally acceptable age of the note is issue 2013 or later. Please ask for this when ordering your cash.

Serengeti Kitty:

I run a kitty on tour for smaller expenses at borders and normally on Zanzibar. Once your account reaches USD100, you pay me your USD 100 back. This keeps the system simple and prevents everybody from sitting with small change.

Vehicles more than 2000kg:

Note that Serengeti and Ngorogoro charges a higher rate for vehicles with a Tare mass indicated on their registration document higher than 2000kg. You need to budget an extra USD 100 per day for your vehicle if this is the case. I have in the past been able to get vehicles through without extra cost, but my luck is going to run out at some point.

Extra Activities Budget:

The hot air balloon over the Serengeti costs about USD580pp

Zanzibar including everything from hotel to ferry and all your tourist stuff and food USD 400 pp


Botswana will take rand at the border and you can use a credit card to fill up with fuel, so you technically do not need any Pula, but I would advise to have 500Pula with you in case of a fine etc. You can use the rest of your Pula when filling up in Kasane before we enter Zambia.


We will stop for groceries as is needed, but our major stops would be:

  • Livingstone day 2
  • Lusaka day 4
  • Mwanza day 10
  • Arusha day 17
  • Dar es Salaam 19
  • Mzuzu day 25
  • Lusaka day 29 


There will be lodges that take in washing to be done, otherwise you will have to wash as we go. Our planned double days are:

  • Kapishya day 5,6
  • Mwanza day 9,10
  • Mikadi Dar es Salaam day 19,20,21
  • Chitimba Malawi, day 24,25

4×4 driving:

There should be almost no 4×4 driving required except when going in to the Ngorogoro crater. 


There is water for cooking and cleaning everywhere. We will buy bottled water at the shops as we go for cold drinking water.