Skeleton coast 2021 Dashboard

Meeting date and time:

For the group doing the whole tour, we will meet at Red sands in Kuruman for night one. 11 March 2021, we will sleep there. Very good restaurant if you wanted one.

This will give you time in the morning to get your PCR test done.

For the group doing the last two sections we meet in Swakkopmund Friday 19 March 2021 at the Swakkop River resort AKA Alte Brucke resort. Saturday is an off day to sort out vehicles for the rest of us.

For the group doing only the last section we meet in Puros at the campsite 25 March 2021 at around 5pm or you may be there earlier.

Our last night in Puros is 30 March 2021, I depart early on 31 March for Etosha for those who want to travel with me.

Tour Distance:

From Red Sands Kuruman section 1 – 2300 km

From Swakkop river lodge to Puros section 2 – 800km

Puros to Puros section 3 – 800km

Fuel availability:

Fuel available everywhere and you can pay by card. Bring cash for the fuel stop in Puros. Rand or Namibian $.

Remember you need to add the 120km distance from Sesfontein to Puros there and back to the 800 km for the Skeleton coast tour.

The last fuel before Sesfontein is Palmwag. Please fill up at Palmwag, then top up at Sesfontein.

Fuel purchase:

Credit cards will be generally excepted but be prepared for a card machine that is out of order. Best is to have one tank of fuel in cash with you.


We will do most transactions in cash but cards will work in the large shops and big lodges.

Rands also work in Namibia and has a 1 to 1 rate, however Namibia $ do not work in the RSA. Thus the safe currency to carry is South African Rands.

Credit cards will also work from time to time. MasterCard might work but VISA remains the best option.


We will stop for groceries as is needed, but our major stops would be:

  • Upington day 2
  • Luderitz day 6
  • Swakkop day 10 
  • Very limited shop in Sesfontein day 15

220 Volt power:

We should have 220V as follows

Night 1,2,7,8, 9, 10 the rest nothing I can count on.


On this tour you are on your own and washing can be done as we go. Bring your washing line.


The last 6 nights in the actual skeleton coast section is a GREEN section. We bury NOTHING. Not toilet paper, not sigaret butts…nothing. 

You will need to carry strong plastic bags to carry your rubbish with you on the last section of the tour. Also plan your last section snacks and drinks keeping this in mind.

  1. No bulky rubbish, a tin is easy to crush and takes less space than a bottle.
  2. Zip lock bags will keep the loose fluids in place and prevent it from leaking on your carpets.
  3. Our main meals in this period are included so you need only drinks and snacks. 
  4. Toilet paper, sigaret buds and bottle tops all goes in to your rubbish bag.


Flush toilets most nights, long drops for the rest. Velties during the day. Note that NO toilet paper will be buried or burned. Take a Zip lock bag and dump your toilet paper in your rubbish.


Hot showers most of the time, cold showers for the rest. For the bush shower nights you can use the shower provided and the crew will warm up your water, or you can use your own bush shower.

4×4 Driving:

Have a look at my company logo, it says 4×4. This is a 4×4 tour and we will be driving in sand.

Bring your spade and a few Cokes to sip on whilst someone is stuck…..;-)

Just joking, we will all be fine, I will teach you the ropes as we go.

4×4 Stuff to bring:

I have all the recovery equipment, no need to bring any along.

But if you want to bring your own stuff you are welcome.

What you do need to bring is a tyre pump and spade.


There is water for cooking and cleaning and washing everywhere except for night 2 and 5 on our Skeleton coast tour. So you need to carry washing and cooking water for those 2 nights. Also I would suggest 10 litres per vehicle for communal wash water. So I guess if you have a 20 litre can per vehicle it will serve as your wash water and a bit for the kitchen if required. We will fill the cans in Puros and at the Kunene. So it only needs to big enough for 1 night at a time.

For drinking water we will buy bottled water at the shops as we go.

Red meat and Chicken.

The meat in Namibia is good so I would suggest buying locally to avoid the vet gate issues.

You should not have issues with meat traveling north but will have issues coming down again. The red line is at Palmwag and Etosha. 

So I am going to take cooked food and a little bit of raw meat for braaing, planning to stock up in Swakkop.


We are in the Skeleton coast at a very pleasant time. The days are still warm but the evenings are starting to cool a little. 

Shorts for the days and a light jacket for the evenings should do it.

2nd Spare wheel:

Unfortunately this tour has some sharp rocks and a second spare is a good idea. However, no need to bring the whole wheel. Just bring a second spare tyre off the rim. It can be an old used one it does not  matter. There are shops on the road where we can fix a tyre.

A loose tyre is lighter and you can pack stuff inside of it.

This requirement is from the concession holder for the last 6 nights.

Price includes:

Professional tour leader
Guide vehicle(s), recovery gear, medical aid kits, satellite phone communication Communal camp equipment (kitchen, field toilet & shower, etc)
2 meals per day (breakfast & dinner)
2-way radio sets
All Park & Concessions fees
Community fees and development fund contributions.

Vehicle, equipment & other requirements:

4×4 vehicle

  • You must be able to cover ±800kms from Puros to Puros. Sesfontein don’t always have fuel. We will check when we are on the way.

  • Low range is required for most vehicle types (please discuss with us if you do not have low range)

  • Vehicles must be mechanically sound and MUST have recovery points at the front and back of the vehicle. tow hitch is not a recovery point.

  • Tyre pressure gauge, pump and tyre repair kit.

  • Ensure that you have the correct wheel spanner and also a working jack.

  • A 2nd spare tyre is recommended.

    Water & Firewood

  • Every vehicle must carry water for communal use in the kitchen.

  • In additional you need to carry your own shower / washing water if you are looking to shower off course. You will be able to refill your shower

    water at the Kunene Mouth.

  • Every vehicle must bring  firewood (20kg+ bags – can be bought locally at most garages or along the


    Bluerhino Note: For this tour firewood is included for the whole tour except for the last 6 nights in the concession area. For this section we will all carry firewood for the comunal fire. At some point when you are traveling through Namibia you need to buy and load a big bag of wood or two if you can please. NOT the small 6 kg’s, if the small bags you would need to bring at least 4.

    Camping equipment

  • Tents should be waterproof due to the fog close to the coastline.

  • Rooftop tents are also allowed.

  • Cutlery, camp chairs etc.

  • Torch, spare batteries

  • The climate next to the coastline can be very cold, even in summer. Please ensure you have a decent warm jacket, scarf and/or warm hat.

    Food & Beverages (other than stated)

• You are responsible for your own lunches, snacks, and drinks. Items of a personal nature

• Medicine

• Camera, binoculars, etc Comprehensive Travel and Medical Insurance