Vehicle Police clearance

What is it?

Vehicle police clearance is something that Interpol might require. Note that it is not the local government, customs or immigration. 

When arranging this it is important to not that you get two types of VPC.

  1. When you are moving a vehicle permanently from one country to another, selling or migrating etc you need a type of VPC that you get from your local licensing department.
  2. When you go on holiday to another country you get if from the SAP. This is the one you want.

The example on the left is my VPC. Note it is on a SAP letterhead and also note it states NOT STOLEN at the status of the vehicle. This is what Interpol wants to see. If the document does not say NOT STOLEN it is the wrong document. 

So go to your local SAP vehicle theft unit and ask for a letter like this one or a SAP letter that clarify the status of the vehicle as NOT STOLEN. 

You would need to take along the vehicle registration document, your ID and your Data dot certificate

I got this one at the Langlaagte SAP in JHB.