Central and Western Zambia 2019 Dashboard

Meeting date and time:

We will meet at Thebe river safaris, for our first night, in Kasane Botswana on 12 November 2019 in the afternoon or evening. See the map below.

We will depart from Kasane the next morning at 7h30am 

Tour Distance:

From Kasane back to Kasane Botswana 3500 km

Fuel availability:

Fuel will be available everywhere. The longest stretch between pumps would be from Mongu down to Katima Mulilo via Liuwa park. 750km of sand conditions. So probably a lot of fuel. However the town of Mongu is near and we can pop in to Mongu to get fuel before tackling the sand. It is a detour but beggers can’t be choosers.

Those who need fuel would cross the ferry first and head to town about 80 km away. Fill up and head back to the sand road. Otherwise make sure you have enough to cover the 750 km. Remember in sand conditions you could add about 20% to your litres required.

Fuel purchase:

We will buy fuel with cash. Credit cards will be excepted now and again but it is very unreliable.


We will do most transactions in cash but cards will work where we are at lodges, like a restaurant or boat cruise etc. We take USD only and exchange as we go. Our main cash exchange will be in Lusaka on day 2.

We will exchange at recognised exchanges. If you can get Zambian Kwacha you are welcome to exchange before you join our tour.

Credit cards will also work from time to time. MasterCard might work but VISA remains the best option.


Botswana will take rand at the border and you can use a credit card to fill up with fuel, so you technically do not need any Pula, but I would advise to have 500 Pula with you in case of a fine etc. You can use the rest of your Pula when filling up in Kasane before we enter Zambia.


We will stop for groceries as is needed, but our major stops would be:

  • Kasane day 1
  • Lusaka day 3
  • Mongu day 9 


There will be lodges that take in washing to be done, otherwise you will have to wash as we go. Our planned double days are:

  • Kasanka day 4,5
  • Mayukuyuku day 7,8
  • Liuwa day  9, 10, 11

4×4 driving:

We will have mainly sandy conditions when we are offroad. No worries I will tell you exactly what you need to do.


You may bring a trailer. No caravans allowed in Liuwa sorry.


There is water for cooking and cleaning everywhere. We will buy bottled water at the shops as we go for cold drinking water.