Central and Western Zambia, Bats, Kafue, Liuwa, Itinerary 2019

12 November 2019

17h00 We meet at Kasane for the first night. A restaurant is available for dinner.

13 November 2019

7h30 Depart from our campsite and make our way to the border.

10h30 We cross in to Zambia, clear the border post and head towards Livingstone. We should pass Livingstone around 11am.

12h00 We stop for lunch along the road.

15h30 We stop for coffee before we enter Lusaka.

17h30 Arrive at our campsite, Eureka in Lusaka. 

Fly in guests can meet us in Livingstone or Lusaka on this day.

14 November 2019

8h30 Depart from our campsite. Shopping and fuel in Lusaka. Large Pick and pay and coffee shops. We take lunch here. Exchange cash at mall.

11h30 Depart from Lusaka

14h30 Stop for a coffee break (20 mins )

17h00 Arrive at our campsite Forest inn.

15 November 2019

9h00 Depart from our campsite 

10h00 Stop for a coffee break ( 30 mins )

12h30    Arrive at our campsite in  Kasanka National park for two nights. 

16h00 We go out for a few hours for game viewing and the bats.

16 November 2019

We spend the day in Kasanka, game viewing, the bats. If you feel like relaxing you may do that as well.

17 November 2019

12h00 A late morning ends our time in Kasanka with and our last experience of the bats.

We make our way out of the park, and head back to Forest inn for the night. 

18 November 2019

9h00 Depart from our campsite

11h00 Stop for a coffee break ( 20 mins )

13h00 Stop for lunch (45 mins )

15h00 Arrive at our campsite Mayukuyuku near Hook bridge Kafue national park.

19 November 2019

We spend the day in Kafue national park. We go for a game drive, have coffee in the park, lunch and return in the afternoon for a relaxed sunset on the river.

20 November 2019

7h30 Depart from our campsite. 

10h00 We stop for a coffee break.

12h00 We arrive in Mongu, the capital of western Zambia. You have time for shopping. 

13h00 We depart for Liuwa.

15h00 After the paperwork is done we enter Liuwa national park.

17h00 Arrive at camp.

21,22 November 2019

We have two days to explore the park, coffee stops, picnics game drives.

I will explain the park to you and you, and if you wanted you could do your own thing.

On the 22nd of November we move down to Kwale camp in preparation for our exit the next day.

23 November 2019

8h00 Depart from our campsite. 

10h00 We exit the park and find a spot to stop for coffee as we turn on to the Barotse plains sand road.

12h30 Stop for lunch.

17h00 We bush camp for the night.

24 November 2019

8h00 Depart from our campsite and carry on with the sand road. 

10h00 Stop for a coffee break.

13h00 Stop for Lunch

15h00 Arrive at Ngonye falls, ( time permitting we can enter the falls. ) It is not a developed waterfall. 

Arrive at our campsite for the evening next to the Zambezi river. This will be our farewell night and we will have a good “kuier”.

This is also a tiger fishing lodge if you wanted to hang back here and spend a few more days.

25 November 2019

We make our way to the border. I will make my way to Kasane via Katima Mulilo Namibia.

You could go directly back to Livingstone Zambia ( 3 hrs drive no borders ) or Lusaka about 10 hours drive no borders. Or join me to travel back to Kasane Botswana.

We are on our way back to RSA and sleeping in Kasane will be our last night of the tour.

26 November 2019

First thing in the morning I leave to get back to JHB.

We meet here at Thebe River Safaris