Kgalagadi Eco 2021 Itinerary


Day 1, 31 July 2021

17h00 We meet at Twee Rivieren for our first night.

Day 2, 

9h00 We head North to Nossob and stop for coffee during the day at the picnic spots. 

This is a game viewing day and we are relaxed as we travel north.

16h00 Arrive at our campsite Nossob for the night.

Day 3

9h00 After breakfast and with everybody filled with fuel we set off to Polentswa.

This is where the eco route starts. 3 days two nights.

We pass Polentswa and head in to the bush on the eco route for two nights. Night 3 will be at Sesatswe and night 4 will be Lang Rambuka.

The next two nights have no ablutions or water. Bring your own water and bring that shower that you might have purchased years ago. Or just do the double deodorant thing, they all work. 

Day 5.

9h30 Today we exit from the eco route and head back to Nossob. 

If you wanted to see Unions end, this is the closest that we will get to it and you can just travel north for a bit instead of turning south to Nossob.

Day 6.

9h00 Depart from Nossob and head over to the Mata Mata campsite. Another relaxed, game viewing day and a possible early arrival in Mata Mata. Coffee stops as required.

Day 7.

9h00 We tackle the last section of our tour and head to Twee Rivieren for our last night.

The day could be anything between 5 and 8 hours.

We should be in Twee Rivieren at about 2pm and if you felt like getting back home you can skip this last night.

Our tour concludes at Twee Rivieren. 

Day 8

Most likely, first light I head back to JHB.